2018-2019 Legislative Agenda - PROPOSED
(A printable PDF version of the Missouri K-8 Association's 2018-2019 Legislative Agenda can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.)

The Missouri K-8 Association represents 70 schools throughout Missouri. The Missouri K-8 Association’s purpose is to provide all K-8 students with the necessary tools to become successful and productive members of society by:

  • Supporting K-8 educators with the necessary resources and tools to ensure our students have academic success.
  • Working alongside other organizations to facilitate smooth transitions for K-8 students into neighboring K-12 school districts.
  • Representing our K-8 schools in a positive light in our communities.
  • Communicating the needs of K-8 districts to the Missouri legislature through our lobby efforts and by making our voices heard by letters, phone calls, and personal visits to the capital.


1.  The Association supports continued funding of the Foundation Formula.

2.  The Association supports increases in:

a.      Early Childhood Education Funding

b.      Small School Funding

c.       School Facilities Funding

d.      School Safety Funding

e.      Technology Funding

f.        Curriculum Funding

g.       Student Evaluation and Testing Funding 

3.  The Association supports full funding of Transportation given increases of $40 million dollars each year for the next 5 years.

4.  The Association supports funding of the Placement Fund over the next 5 years to help children in special circumstances and away from their homes.

5.  The Association supports efforts by the Legislature to provide fair and equitable tuition.

6.  The Association supports high education standards.

7.  The Association supports revenue enhancements to fund Missouri public schools.

8.  The Association supports continued flexibility of education funding.

9.  The Association support continued efforts to support the public-school retirement system.


1.  The Association opposes any legislation regarding forced consolidation of school districts. Missouri should allow a local, board, and community decision when closing.

2.  The Association opposes the mandating of educational programs without appropriate funding.

3.  The Association opposes expansion of charter schools without the same accountability as other public schools.

4.  The Association opposes any legislative action to create tax credit scholarship programs or vouchers. 

5.  The Association opposes the diversion of any public funds to private or parochial schools.

6.  The Association opposes open enrollment of students where their parents do not pay property taxes.

7.  The Association opposes basing salaries, jobs, layoffs, and tenure based solely on evaluations.

The Missouri K-8 Association believes that working with the School Administrator Coalition (SAC) will provide a greater opportunity for our voice to be heard in the legislature.  The focus of the group is to work together to provide a free and appropriate education for all Missouri students.

- Missouri K-8 Association,
Oct 16, 2018, 5:27 PM