2016-2017 Legislative Agenda
(A printable PDF version of the Missouri K-8 Association's 2016-2017 Legislative Agenda can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.)

The Missouri K-8 Association represents 70 school districts throughout the state of Missouri. We work together with all educational organizations to support or oppose education issues we deem important. "We hold dear the partnership and bonds between all educational associations and organizations. The strength of our union is made greater by the attention given to even the smallest entity." -Carless Osbourn, Superintendent, Kirbyville R-VI School District (2015-2016 Missouri K-8 Association President)

During our fall meeting we identified the areas of greatest concern and will focus on those during the 2016-2017 legislative session.

We have been fortunate to see increases in the funding of education for our schools. The Missouri K-8 Association continues to support full funding of education with the commitment made by the Legislature in 2005 with the passage of SB287. When economic times were hard and cuts to educational funding occurred, many programs were underfunded or eliminated. The Missouri K-8 Association requests that the General Assembly make investments to fund the formula, restore transportation funding, restore P.A.T. money and PDC funds to help teachers, administrators, and boards of education.

The Missouri K-8 Association continues to have concerns about consolidation of any schools throughout the state of Missouri and it's funding of the small schools. Many of our brightest and well educated students come from small schools throughout the state.

The Missouri K-8 Association with the passage of the Every Child Succeeds Act supports control of education back into our local schools and classrooms. In the past decade, with state and federal mandates the educational system at the local level has been eroded. The Missouri K-8 Association was qualified teachers to stay in the classrooms, provide for innovation inside the classroom, train teachers to meet the unique needs of students, deemphasize state mandated testing, and return local control back to our districts.


  1. The budget apportionment for education must be a top priority for full funding of the foundation formula.
  2. The funding of transportation, early childhood, small schools, school facilities, and safety in schools must continue for our educational institutions as well as those who work inside them.
  3. The Association supports continued efforts by the Legislature to provide fair and equitable tuition and transportation rates for all schools statewide.
  4. The Association supports consideration of revenue enhancements such as sales tax on alcohol, tobacco, general sales tax to fund Missouri public schools.
  5. The Association supports legislation extending the 2.55 multiplier for those members of PSRS who have 31 years or more in public education.
  6. The Association supports flexibility of state education funding for salary compliance, fund placement, professional development, and implementation of MSIP standards until the foundation formula is fully funded.
  7. The Association supports replication of programs that have proven to be effective in meeting the needs of students who live in poverty or those "at risk."
  8. The Association supports creation of pilot programs to allow districts to focus on unique needs of their districts and allow for continuous improvement on the state school improvement plan.
  9. The Association supports specialized training for administrators, teachers, and staff who work in high poverty areas or with diverse student populations.
  10. The Association supports third party vendors hiring retired teachers as substitutes to work in districts and abide by same rules (550 hours a certified teacher may work) as those hired directly by the district.
  11. The Association supports placing sunsets on all current and future tax credit programs, particularly the use of multiple tax credits on the same project.


  1. The Association opposes any legislation regarding forced consolidation of school districts in the state, the decision must remain with local school districts, the board and their community.
  2. The Association opposes the mandating of educational programs with appropriate funding for their support.
  3. The Association opposes basing teacher's pay, job, layoff, or tenure solely on teacher evaluations.
  4. The Association opposes legislative action creating vouchers, open enrollment, or expansion of virtual charter schools.
  5. The Association opposes the diversion of public funds to any private or parochial schools.
  6. The Association opposes open enrollment of students in districts where their parents do not pay property taxes.
  7. The Association opposes reducing the probationary period for teachers.
  8. The Association opposes replacing Missouri income tax with a sales tax.
  9. The Association opposes any reduction of funding for summer school.

- Missouri K-8 Association,
Oct 27, 2016, 10:43 AM